Founded by Karen in 2014, Toiletries Amnesty is an award-winning NGO working to end hygiene poverty and divert beauty industry waste. Supporting over 800 locations, in 2023 Toiletries Amnesty provided access to toiletries and hygiene products for 4 million people around the world. 

Toiletries Amnesty works around the world supporting charities and organisations, creating positive and practical solutions for beauty industry waste and sustainability issues, and connecting communities and consumers who want to see a change for good. In 2018 Karen received the Global X Foundation Award for Innovation, and in 2022 was given a Barclays Social Entrepreneur Award for positively driving social and environmental change through business.

In 2024 Karen was awarded an MBE for services to people living in hygiene poverty, to considerate consumption, and to the environment. Read an interview with Karen in Country & Town House here.

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